Business Profile
Business Profile
VITRO HELLAS was founded in 1986 with headquarters in Niseli Alexandria in Imathia and is active in the production, research and distribution of high quality plant propagation material. The mission of the company is the production and distribution of high quality plant material through the monitoring of new trends in the agricultural sector and the expansion of collaborations and research activities in order to develop new technologies, products and markets.
Our history


  • Tissue Culture

    Creation of a tissue culture lab

  • Nursery

    Creation of the Nursery

  • VCR

    First introduction of vine plants by the Italian VCR


    New shareholder BIOS AGROSYSTEMS SA of the group "REDESTOS - Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group"

  • ΕΠΕΤ 602

    Research project "EPET 602" First Clonal Vine Selection

  • Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo

    The new shareholder, the Italian VCR (Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo)

  • Institute of CRPV

    The first contract with the Italian Institute of CRPV for patented varieties of fruit

  • CDB

    Collaboration with CDB

  • IPS

    Collaboration with IPS

  • KIKU

    Collaboration with the Italian KIKU

  • Demerus

    Acquisition of 51% of Demerus

Our mission
In order to achieve its mission, VITRO HELLAS relies on the advantages it attaches to its products, the technology used for production and the conditions of production. The tissue culture techniques are characterized by the fully aseptic conditions of plant material management which in combination with the organization of the respective laboratory and the greenhouse and nursery facilities, give the manufactured products:
Our mission

Genetic uniformity

Certainty that each product has the characteristics of the variety listed on the package and the accompanying documents.

Absence of pathogens and diseases

In production and trading.

Uniformity of development

Homogeneity of the material to be handled - guarantee for the homogeneity of the final production.


The implementation of quality management systems is an indispensable precondition for the production of certified high quality products, which meet world market needs, support research and ensure environmental protection along with workers' health and safety.

VITRO HELLAS is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 for the «Production and Marketing of Plant Propagating Material» and certification number 041090003, as well as according to GLOBALGAP and certification number GGN.4052852728669.

With a view to promoting certified plant material  whose main characteristic is the absence of viral diseases, the Company applies all provisions and technical regulations set by  the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, regarding the production and marketing of plant propagating material and in particular that of fruit trees and vine.

Human Resources

Vitro Hellas due to the high specialization of its activity, invests in human resources as a key factor for continuous corporate growth.

The executive staff of the company consists of:

Outstanding expert scientists with postgraduate studies and participation in a large number of seminars.

People who have worked for the company since its inception, having developed knowledge and skills that are not easily found in the market.

Workforce with great know-how in the management of propagating material and young plants, in plant vaccination procedures and the required cultivation practices.

The executives of Vitro Hellas work closely with the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Directorates of Rural Development of the Regional Units, the National Agricultural Organization ELGO "DIMITRA", the Agronomists’ chamber GEOTEE, with Higher Education Institutions and Research Bodies.

In addition, the company actively supports its people in a course of individual and corporate development, with continuous training and postgraduate studies.

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